UK Psychic Medium, Entertainer & Demonstrator of Psychic Phenomena

“As a Psychic Medium, in a group, demonstration, event or show, I connect to loved ones that have passed to spirit”

UK Psychic Medium Kristian von Sponneck


Count Kristian von SponneckKRISTIAN VON SPONNECK


Psychic Medium – Small Groups to Large Shows

Psychic Medium Count Kristian von Sponneck“As a Psychic Medium, in a group, demonstration, event or show, I help people connect to loved ones that have passed to spirit.”


By Email, Skype, Phone & Face-To-Face.

Tarot Card Readings by Count Kristian von Sponneck“It’s an art…it’s your journey, your path. Tarot card readings can give you insight into your past, your here and now and can give you a glimpse to what the future may have in store for you. This is a professional service by an experienced intuitive Psychic and qualified Psychotherapist.”

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Small Private Parties To Large Corporate Events.

Psychic Medium Count Kristian von Sponneck

“My Psychic Entertainment is suitable for small events to full stage shows. I can prove that beyond doubt, we all have Psychic abilities demonstrating feats such as reading minds, mental projection, automatic writing, precognition, psychometry & telepathy.”

UK PSYCHIC MEDIUM & ENTERTAINER Corporate Entertainer, Demonstrator of Mediumship & Psychic Phenomena

Psychic Medium Count Kristian von Sponneck with Tove Lo

“That was brilliant” – Tove Lo (Pictured Above – Swedish Pop Star)
“Amazing…” – Bianca Gascoigne (Celebrity Big Brother)
“That was good…!” – Mark Morrison (Singer – Return of the Mack)
“Fantastic…” – Paul Nichols (Actor – Joe Wicks, EastEnders)
“One of the best…” – Jodie Marsh (TV Personality)

Psychic Medium Count Kristian von SponneckI believe that we are all Psychic. I do not claim to have a ‘gift from birth’ nor am I special in anyway, I just believe that I have had my eyes opened and intuition raised to a level where ‘real magic’ takes place. I work as a Psychic Medium, Tarot Card Reader and as a Psychic Entertainer, demonstrating Psychic abilities for any sized event, especially corporate shows.

Mediumship with Count Kristian von Sponneck

Intrigued? How about booking me as your entertainer for your next event? From a Psychics perspective, I will open your eyes, push your boundaries, expand your belief system and prove there is more to life than what we see!

Some things in life are just an illusion.

Peace and love,

Kristian von Sponneck (Rigsgreve).

Guidance From a professional Psychic Medium, Astrologer & Tarot Card Reader.

For further help, please call me on 07776 062380 (9am – 9pm) or email

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Legal disclaimer: Any information or guidance given from UK Psychic Medium Kristian von Sponneck is not in lieu of professional advice, whether it be personal, legal, financial or medical. If in doubt, please speak to an appropriate advisor. All demonstrations of Mediumship are to be viewed as a form of  scientific experiment and/or for entertainment purposes only.